martes, 22 de diciembre de 2015

List of positive affirmation

To this new year, is coming in a few days, I make a list with positive afirmations for me, for you, and for everybody. I hope your have a extraordinary year.
Enjoy it!
1. I am successful in whether I do
2. I plan my work and work my plan
3. I focus on what is truly essential
4. I will make the most of new opportunities
5. The universe provides for me every want and need
6. I speak with confidence and calm assurance
7.  I make positive healthy choices
8. I feel energetic and and full of life
9. I fill my mind with a positive thoughts
10. I feel the joy of abundance
11. I organize my priorities with clarity
12. I find all solutions within me
13. I am in control of my reactions
14. All is well in my life
15. I appreciate every moment of the day
16. Prosperity flows to me at all times, in all ways.
17. I have the power to changes myself
18. My body is filled with energy
19. I feel wonderful and alive
20. Good flows to me, good flows from me

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