martes, 23 de febrero de 2016

Fantasy Story 1

In a far, far and magic world, a word you can´t imagine it and where the time is more slow than a turtle. There was a small and lovely village on the top of a volcano. This volcano is different than others volcanoes because it didn´t throw fire, it throw sweets, very different types of sweets, every type you can imagine.
The citizens of this popular village were very happy with their lives, because, they eat a lot of sweets from the volcano. 
They looked like a big bear and they had big noises, small mouths and inside they had big teeth.
Some years ago, when people spent their relaxing time, one family had a cute and beautiful baby girl called "Regaliz".
This girl only ate milk from her mother in her first five year. When she turned five years, the citizen decided that Regaliz was prepared to eat sweets of the volcano.
They organized a very popular party for this moment and invited the neighbor’s villages to attend the party. When all the people were near the volcano, suddenly appeared magic animals like pink dragons, purple unicorns and yellow elephant and other fantastic animals impossible to describe them with words, you need to see them with your own eyes.
Our cute Regaliz was very expected and surprising with the people, the animals, the music, and the ambience.
The mayor of the village gave Regaliz an honorable sweet to eat it in front of all the people. But when she put the sweet candy in her lips, her body started to change in a terrible ugly person. She looked like a earth person, with a normal face, a very beautiful smile, a pretty curly and blond hair. She looked very different from them.
People creamed and ran in different ways, except one of them, old men with a big mustache and a magic hat. He was a wizard, and did a magic symbol with his fingers and all the people stopped at the moment in their site. The wizard took the hand of Regaliz and offered her a big blue apple. Regaliz started to eat this special fruit with a smile in her face but didn´t solved her problem she still looked like a earth person. The wizard was worried about her because he couldn´t solved the problem, maybe she will die. He talked with her parents and told them to take her to another world. She can grow up safely.
Their parents love her very much and didn´t support to separate of her, but finally they accepted the wizard´s decision. They´ll visit her in the other world in Christmas and other holidays.
The life is the village continued been relaxing around the volcano and Regaliz grow up happy in another beautiful world.

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  1. Nice. But a bit... I'm not sure about what to say, really.
    But it's a nice start for a writting career.