martes, 28 de abril de 2015

A Quick Summary of English Tenses

Here is a summarized of English Tenses:

  • Simple present
    • Something that is unchanging, general, scheduled or happening at certain intervals.
    • Uses: “verb-s.”
  • Present continuous
    • Something that is happening now or in the near future.
    • Uses: “Is + verb-ing.”
  • Simple past
    • Something that happened before now.
    • Uses: “Verb-ed.”
  • Past continuous
    • Something that got interrupted by an event or a time.
    • Uses: “Was + verb-ing.”
  • Simple future
    • Something that will happen later than now.
    • Uses: “Will + verb,” “Is going to + verb.”
  • Future continuous
    • Something that will be interrupted by an event or a time.
    • Uses: “Will be + verb-ing ,” “Is going to be + verb-ing.”

Don´t be afraid! I'll explain each rule with examples in the next posts.

See you soon!

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